The Anger That Destroys

I was supposed to talk about the part two of the saving grace but I decided to talk about something urgent that I’m going through and that’s anger and resentment. For some days now, I have been going through some things that have pushed me to express some negative emotions. I mean, I have thought about bashing someone’s head in and that’s not even the worst of it.

You see, it is so easy to hate, it’s so easy to feel angry and stay angry but pulling yourself out of it is the hard part. Do I feel wronged? most definitely, do I feel like I deserve an apology? heck yeah but the truth is that all that doesn’t matter to God. It doesn’t matter to Him who is wrong or right, all He expects from us is to forgive and live in peace. It’s definitely hard to accept this, especially when you’re boiling over in anger or rage but we just have to accept it.

We are always going to be surrounded by people that piss us off, be it family, friends, foes or coworkers. We will always be provoked but we can always choose to respond differently. I get it, it’s not easy, I know this, I’ve lived it and still am but it’s so much more worse to live in bitterness, anger and resentment than to forgive. Bitterness eats away your soul, your happiness and your joy, it takes everything away from you and ultimately, it destroys you. It gives the devil a foothold in your life and you become so much more prone to his attacks and advances. You can’t pry when you are angry. It takes away the covering of God over your life because God said he will not forgive us if we do not forgive those who have wronged us and he will not hear and answer our prayers if we regard iniquity in our hearts.

So please, do not let pride stop you from taking the first step to make peace, even if you feel you were wronged. I feel like I’m talking more to myself in this post than to any one else. Take the step, do not let self stop you from living the life that God wants you to live. You have to practice that Christianity that you have been preaching. You won’t get it right immediately, nobody expects you to but you can’t change or make progress until you decide to take the first step towards change.

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